Renewable Energies

The Electricity & Energy Department has the accountability to ensure a sustainable energy future and ensuring effective service delivery. To fulfil its mandate, we are searching for sustainable energy sources, in order to pursue an optimized energy portfolio that will complement the climate and zero carbon objectives. Furthermore, the electricity supply industry is confronted with numerous sustainability challenges culminating in the need for radical industry reform. This is the backdrop against which the E&E department explores sustainable energy solutions. 

Renewable Energies are an enabler to clean, reliable, and affordable energy. 


Therefore, their impact on the energy market can’t be ignored and NMBM wishes to support this energy transition by offering new services to the customers that support the connection of renewable energies to the distribution grid, by simplifying the connection process and installing own generation facilities. 

The following points will guide interested stakeholders in NMBM on what renewable energies are and how the municipality supports their connection to the grid. 


  • Sustainable Energy Plan 2030 
  • Connection options provided by NMBM 
  • Energy Efficiency 
  • PV explained 
  • PV installation 


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