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Published: 17 Mar 2020, Resolved: 18 Mar 2020 RESOLVED


Emergency Hotline: 0800 029 999

WhatsApp Support Line: 0600-123456

Global Map of Covid-19 infections
Credit: Johns Hopkins University

Published: 12 Mar 2020, Resolved: 15 Mar 2020 RESOLVED


Date: Saturday, 14 March 2020 (Weather permitting)

Time: 09:00 - 13:00


Carnation avenue, Part of Cassia Drive, Up to and including Cassia Place, Sunridge Park

Please treat all installations as "Live".

Published: 09 Mar 2020, Resolved: 10 Mar 2020 RESOLVED

STAGE 1 loadshedding will be implemented at 09H00.

Stage 1 schedule for today:

  • 09H00-10H30: Group 13
  • 10H00-12H30: Group 14
  • 12H00-14H30: Group 15
  • 14H00-16H30: Group 16
  • 16H00-18H30: Group 17
  • 18H00-20H30: Group 18
  • 20H00-22H30: Group 19
  • 22H00-00H30: Group 1
Published: 06 Mar 2020, Resolved: 09 Mar 2020 RESOLVED
The new Budget & Treasury Customer Care office, situated in the Motherwell Licensing Centre (Thusong), has been open to the public since 3 February 2020.

The following services are offered:

- Assistance to the Poor (ATTP) application & queries
- Arrangements to repay arrears in terms of the Debt Collection policy
- IVR (automated telephone system) registration
- Water Rebate applications
- Estate Late project
- Free transfer of property for surviving ATTP beneficiaries
- Rates rebate applications:
- Sporting body rates rebate applications
- Public benefit organisation rebates/Non-profit organisations
- Agricultural rates
- Pensioners/Disability
- Property valuation certificates
- Copies of municipal statements
- Address changes
- Account balance enquiries

No payments/ cash will be accepted at first, as the vault is still under construction, it is anticipated that construction will be finalised within the next two months.
Published: 02 Mar 2020, Resolved: 06 Mar 2020 RESOLVED
Please note:
NEW load-shedding GROUPS and SCHEDULES implemented. Please click on the Load-Shedding quick link.
Published: 26 Feb 2020, Resolved: 02 Mar 2020 RESOLVED
Please note:
NEW load-shedding GROUPS and SCHEDULES implemented.
Published: 07 Feb 2020, Resolved: 26 Feb 2020 RESOLVED

Nelson Mandela Bay would like to inform residents and businesses that water situation remains critical and constrained. Most affected areas continue to get intermittent water supply, low pressure and no water.

Please click here to view the full notice of the affected areas and alternatives available.
Published: 30 Jan 2020, Resolved: 31 Jan 2020 RESOLVED
Electricity: Large part of Kamesh and surrounds affected by outage due to fault at Valk substation.
Subs that are off:
1. Spreeu
2. Tech Mini
3. McCarthy
4. Accom
5. Abbot
6. Moffat
Staff attending to the restoration of supply, no timeframe available
Published: 27 Jan 2020, Resolved: 30 Jan 2020 RESOLVED
Electricity: Emergency work will be carried out at Swartkops, Mount Rd and Ditchling sub stations from 15H00 to 18H00. No loss of supply anticipated, however power dips may occur.
Published: 23 Jan 2020, Resolved: 24 Jan 2020 RESOLVED
Please note: The Bid Adjudication Committee meeting scheduled for Friday, 17 January 2020 has been postponed until Friday, 24 January 2020.




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